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Upgrades & Tuning..

Update:  Look for this SPF MKIII for sale soon..

Superformance MKIII SPO 2910 / Dark Silver w/ Silver Stripes

This Superformance MKIII SPO 2910 in for some upgrades and tuning. This particular Superformance MKIII served as the show car for Superformance and Roush for 2 years.


An Updated SPF MKIII SPO 3068

SPF MKIII SPO 3068 / Indigo Blue/Silver Stripes 

When too much isn’t enough, you add more!!

This beauty was a beast before, but now it's evil wicked mean and nasty, and yet surprisingly easy to drive when you’re just cruising around. Step on the gas now and 637 horsepower gets your attention real fast.
This Superformance MKIII SPO 3068 came in for a lot more upgrades and some changes. Every major component of the car was reworked with the exception of the brakes and clutch.

We reworked the engine changing the camshaft, intake manifold, carburetor, valve covers, and air cleaner which resulted in 637.4 horsepower at 6,600 RPM and 588.1 Ft. Pounds of Torque at 5,100 RPM (see dyno sheet .pdf here) Engine work by Mikes Racing of Boise, ID. The transmission was blueprinted, carbon lined syncro’s were added and the 2nd to 3rd gear shift rails were modified. The rear end was changed from a 3.27 to a 3.45, Olthoff Racing suspension replaced the stock setup, polyurethane sway bar bushings were added, and Fire Fly polished Stainless Steel Side Pipes were installed.

Overall the car runs better, drives better, rides better, corners better, and just screams authority while setting at a stop light. And.. it's a show quality piece. I guess this is a good example of too much is just right. Safe driving & enjoy the ride Dewayne!!


Update: SPF MKIII SPO 2813

Mike, formally of Nevada, has just recently sold his MKIII.. one of our previously built MKIII's back in 2008. Gorgeous car..

Click below for more info and pics..

MKIII SPO 2813 / Royal Blue / White LeMans stripes


Project T-56 Magnum Challenge..

So the question was “Can you replace a Jerico Road Race Transmission in a 1993 Mustang Road Race Car with a T-56 Magnum 6 Speed”. The answer is yes. But its a challenge..

1993 Mustang Road Race Car

We did it, however it turned out to be more of a challenge than we originally thought. When you have custom stainless exhaust, full dry sump system, custom suspension, etc. to deal with stuffing a transmission twice the size and weight in, required some patience and creativity. New trans cross member, move the cross member mounts back on the frame 6 ½ inches, cut out and modify the tunnel, reroute the dry sump lines and mounts and so on. However after the first test drive --- WOW --- what a difference!!

The gear spreads are amazing, the shifts are crisp and positive, no more banging and clanging the way a race transmission does, and the 2 overdrives are really cool with a 4:10 rear end ratio. Add to that the 620 Horsepower engine and you’ve got something special. 

Enjoy the ride Turbo!


Recent Projects in The Back Shop.. 1967 Ford Mustang

Wonder if in 1967 Ford ever thought there would be a 511 Cubic Inch, 630 Horsepower Aluminum block Shelby by Roush FE in one of their Mustangs.

1967 Ford Mustang


Installing and tuning the 8 stack electronic fuel injection system on this car made all the difference in the world. Easy cold starts, instant throttle response and very much improved drivability.

The nicest ’67 Mustang to come through our shop by far..
It’s possible you’ll find our customer Will running this car in the Silver State Challenge at Ely Nevada in the near future.


Recently in the Back Shop..

Here Come da Judge! Everyone my age will remember when these GTO’s first hit the streets with a name that came directly from the show Rowen and Martins laugh in.

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

This little beauty, after being in prolonged storage, came in to get running again with a carb rebuild, tune up, all around check over, and authentication. And yes it is the real deal and a numbers matching car.


SOLD: Superformance MKIII SPO 3070

Superformance MKIII SPO 3070 / Royal Blue & White w/ Option A Pinstripe









Who says a Cobra is just for guys? This car was built for our new customer’s wife to drive. With that in mind we designed the car to be mush easier to handle than your run of the mill Cobra. With a toned down Roush 402 (still made 469 HP on the dyno) power steering, heat shields on the side pipes, and a McLeod Street Twin clutch that requires about half the pedal pressure to operate, this car is a real joy to drive.

Lots of extra goodies and a color/stripe combination that’s timeless. Congratulations! to Dennis and Kathy of Boise, think this car will be in the family for a long time..


Delivered MKIII SPO 3068..

Summer has come and gone.. we've been busy and barely noticed its the Holiday season already, wow how time flies..

Well this Superformance MKIII SPO 3068 project was a life long dream come true for our new customer in Tennessee. What a fun project it turned out to be.. a surprise gift for new owner Dewayne, from his wife and son-in-law. He had always dreamed of a Cobra but was always too busy taking care of everything and everyone else to do it for himself.

Superformance MKIII SPO 3068 - Indigo Blue w/ Silver Stripes






Delivered to him in late August 2012, at his shop, and just after hurricane Isaac came through with severe storms still swirling around, Dewayne had no idea what was in the trailer when I backed up to his freight doors. And the look on his face when the rear trailer door was opened was priceless. Little did he know the Superformance MKIII had his Keith Craft FE installed in the car, something his family had secretly arranged to get to us at our shop in Boise. Congratulations to Dewayne and family. Enjoy the ride!


What's in the back shop?

We've been busy! A glimpse at some of the work in the back shop these past couple of months, including a very cool 1974 Subaru..

Click to view larger


NASCAR Beauty Restored..

Click to view larger









Well guys this is the real deal.. now owned by one of our MKIII customers, Dale has restored this true NASCAR to the way it was when it raced in the late '90’s. The car was run out of North Carolina in '96, '97, and '98 by Billy Standridge. Dale bought the car as a shell and built it back to Cup specs with a Roush Yates 750 HP Cup Motor, Jerico Transmission, etc.

This was a fun project for us, we’ve added new seats (including a passenger seat), new windshield and some other goodies, had the body and paint work redone and duplicated the original decals in the areas that were worked on and painted.

The owner plans on racing it at Willow Springs California, and is fact just coming back from a very enjoyable weekend with the car. It’s not only a piece of history.. it looks and sounds awesome!