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We are an authorized dealer for Superformance complete factory built chassis, Roush Performance products & Griot's Garage car care. We also offer high performance automotive service, maintenance & support for both domestic & import vehicles.


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SPF MKIII Pics from a Recent MKIII Customer..

Superformance MKIII SPO 3058 / Black w/ Drk Silver StripesSweet! This Boston area customer finally had a chance to take his new MKIII out for a spin once the weather cleared up. Here are pics he recently emailed us.. Thanks Mike!


What's in the back shop..

..a peek at what we're workiing on in the back shop. Fun!


SOLD: Superformance MKIII SPO 3058


Superformance MKIII SPO 3058 was built out for Mike in the Boston area.. and delivered on New Year's Eve. Sadly Mike wasn't able to drive his new MKIII right away due to bad weather at the time of delivery, so one can only imagine the wait was pretty tough. L-R George, Wayne, Mike

We had a great time visitng Boston again and meeting up with another Gear 6 Performance customer, George.. and having dinner with everyone, good stuff! Can't wait to hear all your driving stories Mike, enjoy!


>>Pics below show the roller at the factory, at Irvine and at Gear6Performance prior to transporting to Boston.





This build out includes options below..

    •    Glove Box;
    •    Silver Ceramic Headers & Pipes;
    •    Black Quick Jacks;
    •    Wooden Steering Wheel;
    •    15" tires & wheels;
    •    Incls all SPF MKIII Standard Equipment;
    •    MKIIII Tonneau Cover;
    •    Stainless Steel Pressure Tank;
    •    Billet Aluminum clutch reservoir;
    •    Superformance MKIII Floor Mats w/ Red Stripe;
    •    Rear Fender Application - X-Pel (set)

This build out also included a Roush 427 SR-C Engine (w/Twisted Wedge Cam & Custom Roush Pent Roof Valve Covers), Quick Time Bellhousing,  TKO 600 Road Race Transmission, Slave Cylinder Type Clutch Mechanism, MSD Digital IGN Control 6AL/Rev LI, McLeod 10 1/2" Dual Friction Cluth Disc, McLeod 10 1/2" Pressure Plate, Cobra Drive Shaft, etc..


New Shop Images..

Here are a couple of images of our shop at the new location..

7614 W. Lemhi, Suite #1, Boise, ID 83709 / Click to view larger


Recently in the back shop..

MKIII SPO 2407 / Guardsman Blue/White









This project has been very special to us at Gear 6 Performance. The Superformance MKIII SPO 2407 was our first Demo car and the first car we sold to a special customer, Gordon from California.

After 4 ½ years of ownership and 7,000 miles, Gordon decided it was time for some upgrades and more power. The car was fitted with the “Big Brake” upgrade, racing shocks and springs, Kevlar clutch, MDL release system, Quick Time Bell Housing, and the engine was rebuilt making an incredible 620 HP on pump gas.

Engine modifications included Callies Forged Crank and Rods, Coated Diamond Pistons, custom ground Comp solid lifter cam, Jessel shaft rocker system, Bill Wilson head work, and a custom built Gary Williams carburetor. To say the car is now a rocket ship is an understatement. 620 HP in a car that weighs 2480 lbs. gives a pounds to horsepower ratio of 4.0!! What a ride.. and it sounds even cooler, if that's possible.


SOLD: Superformance MKIII SPO 3047 Makes A Very Special B-Day Gift

MKIII SPO 3047 Black / Drk Silver (this was a special birthday gift from the new owner's son)

What every guy wants for his 60th birthday.. this Superformance MKIII SPO 3047 (Black / Drk Silver) was delivered to a new owner, in Michigan, for his birthday.. what a great gift from his son! We were proud to be a part of the dream. Congrats & enjoy!

  • Glove Box;
  • Silver Ceramic Headers & Pipes;
  • S/S Quick Jacks;
  • Wooden Steering Wheel;
  • 15" tires & wheels;
  • Billboard front & rear tires;
  • Incls all SPF MKIII Standard Equipment;
  • MKIIII Tonneau Cover;
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Tank;
  • Billet Aluminum clutch reservoir;
  • Superformance MKIII Floor Mats w/ Red Stripe;
  • Rear Fender Application - X-Pel (set);
  • Carol Shelby Glove Box signature;
  • Roush Air Cleaner signature

The build out included a Roush Polished 427 SRP-C Engine ((w/Twisted Wedge Cam), Quick Time Bellhousing, TCET 4617 - TKO 600 Road Race Transmission, Slave Cylinder Type Clutch Mechanism, MSD IGN Control 6AL/Rev LI, McLeod 10 1/2' Dual Friction Cluth Disc, McLeod 10 1/2' Pressure Plate, Cobra Drive Shaft, Silver Ceramic Coated Headers & Pipes, S/S Quick Lifts, etc..


What's in the back shop..

Working on two MKIII Superformance cars & one Classic. They're each in the shop for various work, upgrades, and maintenance. A little nostalgia with the Gaurdsman Blue MKIII.. it was our first Demo car back in 2007. More to follow..



Custom 1969 Camaro Pro Street

Custom 1969 Camaro Pro Street
The best word to describe this Custom 1969 Camaro Pro Street is RUDE..

496 Cubic Inches of angry Chevrolet Big Block, making 888 Horsepower with a Pro Charger Supercharger. Loud at both ends (exhaust & supercharger) This car was in the shop for some upgrades, repairs & suspension tuning. The car is a blast to drive with all that power and also has power steering & air conditioning. Makes you wonder what Cesar will buy next.


SOLD: Superformance MKIII SPO 2875

Superformance MKIII SPO 2875 / Monza Red/Drk Silver












MKIII SPO 2875 - delivered to our newest customer, Cesar, in El Paso, TX.. it was such a pleasure to meet he & his wife while here visiting a couple of weeks ago.

This MKIII was built out with lots of extra goodies including power steering, big brake upgrade, & racing springs & shocks.. this makes it a special ride. With his racing experience, this customer will test the limits of the car to be sure, so stay tuned for those updates. Congrats Cesar, enjoy the ride!

  • Glove Box;
  • Silver Ceramic Headers & Pipes;
  • 17" Wheels & Kumho Tires;
  • Hoosier R6 Racing Slicks full set;
  • Leather Steering Wheel;
  • Billet Aluminum clutch reservoir;
  • Custom Gear 6 gear-shift;
  • DJ Shoulder Belts;
  • Fire Extinguisher;
  • Big Brake upgrade (Front & Rear);
  • Roush Pent Roof Valve Covers;
  • Chromed Fan Motor Covers;
  • Carol Shelby Glove Box signature;
  • SPF MKIII Floor Mats/Red Stripe
  • Olthoff Racing Springs and Shocks;
  • Olthoff Racing Power Steering System

Engine Buildout incls.. Roush Polished 427 SR-P Engine w/TW Cam; Quick Time Bellhousing; McLeod 10 1/2' Pressure Plate; McLeod 10 1/2' Dual Friction Cluth Disc; Slave Cylinder Type Clutch Mechanism; TCET 4617 - TKO 600 Road Race Transmission; MSD 6AL Ignition Control Box; Cobra Drive Shaft Complete Speedometer Cable (incl. gear, o-ring, & clip).


What's in the back shop..

This find, a 1954 Chevrolet beauty is undergoing a once over.. then a buffing to bring out its character.  Sweet!

1954 Chevrolet