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We are an authorized dealer for Superformance complete factory built chassis, Roush Performance products & Griot's Garage car care. We also offer high performance automotive service, maintenance & support for both domestic & import vehicles.


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Shop Work Update..

Lots of great projects in the back shop are keeping us pretty busy.

And.. getting ready to travel back East to Boston in a couple of weeks to work on 4 Superformance MKIII's. Two Superformance MKIII's are Gear 6 buildouts ready for typical maintenance & oil change. Two other Superformance MKIII's (not ours) are in need of tune ups and/or repairs?

Owners are splitting expenses to fly Wayne out to work on their Superformance MKIII's in person. Superformance technician for hire.. updates & pics to follow.

We'll be closed the week of Friday, Aug 23rd, thru Monday, Aug 26th.


Upgrades & Tuning..

Update:  Look for this SPF MKIII for sale soon..

Superformance MKIII SPO 2910 / Dark Silver w/ Silver Stripes

This Superformance MKIII SPO 2910 in for some upgrades and tuning. This particular Superformance MKIII served as the show car for Superformance and Roush for 2 years.


An Updated SPF MKIII SPO 3068

SPF MKIII SPO 3068 / Indigo Blue/Silver Stripes 

When too much isn’t enough, you add more!!

This beauty was a beast before, but now it's evil wicked mean and nasty, and yet surprisingly easy to drive when you’re just cruising around. Step on the gas now and 637 horsepower gets your attention real fast.
This Superformance MKIII SPO 3068 came in for a lot more upgrades and some changes. Every major component of the car was reworked with the exception of the brakes and clutch.

We reworked the engine changing the camshaft, intake manifold, carburetor, valve covers, and air cleaner which resulted in 637.4 horsepower at 6,600 RPM and 588.1 Ft. Pounds of Torque at 5,100 RPM (see dyno sheet .pdf here) Engine work by Mikes Racing of Boise, ID. The transmission was blueprinted, carbon lined syncro’s were added and the 2nd to 3rd gear shift rails were modified. The rear end was changed from a 3.27 to a 3.45, Olthoff Racing suspension replaced the stock setup, polyurethane sway bar bushings were added, and Fire Fly polished Stainless Steel Side Pipes were installed.

Overall the car runs better, drives better, rides better, corners better, and just screams authority while setting at a stop light. And.. it's a show quality piece. I guess this is a good example of too much is just right. Safe driving & enjoy the ride Dewayne!!


Delivered MKIII SPO 3068..

Summer has come and gone.. we've been busy and barely noticed its the Holiday season already, wow how time flies..

Well this Superformance MKIII SPO 3068 project was a life long dream come true for our new customer in Tennessee. What a fun project it turned out to be.. a surprise gift for new owner Dewayne, from his wife and son-in-law. He had always dreamed of a Cobra but was always too busy taking care of everything and everyone else to do it for himself.

Superformance MKIII SPO 3068 - Indigo Blue w/ Silver Stripes






Delivered to him in late August 2012, at his shop, and just after hurricane Isaac came through with severe storms still swirling around, Dewayne had no idea what was in the trailer when I backed up to his freight doors. And the look on his face when the rear trailer door was opened was priceless. Little did he know the Superformance MKIII had his Keith Craft FE installed in the car, something his family had secretly arranged to get to us at our shop in Boise. Congratulations to Dewayne and family. Enjoy the ride!


SPF MKIII Pics from a Recent MKIII Customer..

Superformance MKIII SPO 3058 / Black w/ Drk Silver StripesSweet! This Boston area customer finally had a chance to take his new MKIII out for a spin once the weather cleared up. Here are pics he recently emailed us.. Thanks Mike!


SOLD: Superformance MKIII SPO 3047 Makes A Very Special B-Day Gift

MKIII SPO 3047 Black / Drk Silver (this was a special birthday gift from the new owner's son)

What every guy wants for his 60th birthday.. this Superformance MKIII SPO 3047 (Black / Drk Silver) was delivered to a new owner, in Michigan, for his birthday.. what a great gift from his son! We were proud to be a part of the dream. Congrats & enjoy!

  • Glove Box;
  • Silver Ceramic Headers & Pipes;
  • S/S Quick Jacks;
  • Wooden Steering Wheel;
  • 15" tires & wheels;
  • Billboard front & rear tires;
  • Incls all SPF MKIII Standard Equipment;
  • MKIIII Tonneau Cover;
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Tank;
  • Billet Aluminum clutch reservoir;
  • Superformance MKIII Floor Mats w/ Red Stripe;
  • Rear Fender Application - X-Pel (set);
  • Carol Shelby Glove Box signature;
  • Roush Air Cleaner signature

The build out included a Roush Polished 427 SRP-C Engine ((w/Twisted Wedge Cam), Quick Time Bellhousing, TCET 4617 - TKO 600 Road Race Transmission, Slave Cylinder Type Clutch Mechanism, MSD IGN Control 6AL/Rev LI, McLeod 10 1/2' Dual Friction Cluth Disc, McLeod 10 1/2' Pressure Plate, Cobra Drive Shaft, Silver Ceramic Coated Headers & Pipes, S/S Quick Lifts, etc..


What's in the back shop..

Working on two MKIII Superformance cars & one Classic. They're each in the shop for various work, upgrades, and maintenance. A little nostalgia with the Gaurdsman Blue MKIII.. it was our first Demo car back in 2007. More to follow..